Agriculture Business

Utilizing brewing yeast cell walls to make our society more sustainable

We focus to optimize utilization of brewing yeast, a by-product of beer brewing process, especially its cell walls. Brewing yeast cell walls have been shown to boost the immunity of plants, and we developed the cell walls into agricultural material. This microbial-based material provides stable crop yields and safe facility greening. We also address global challenge, such as reduction of greenhouse gas emission, through our product.

For sustainable agriculture

The Asahi Group have committed "Reinforcing ESG initiatives supporting our sustainable value creation process" as a one of key priorities in the medium-term management policy. That is why we apply to optimize brewery by-products.

Against this backdrop, we have succeed brewing yeast cell walls to develop the agricultural materials for farmers and people engage in greening management. Our product have supported stable crop yields unaffected by weather condition, to promote crop quality, and healthy lawn growth at golf courses and parks.

We are also addressing issues in agriculture such as paddy field and abandoned farmlands by delivering our technical solutions and innovations. In facility greening, we strive to meet our customer's demand, and to offer safety benefit for all facility users.