Safe for the Environment, the Sustainable Solution

Using microbial technology to build recycle-based society

We strive to realize sustainable society by reducing the environmental impact through our microbial technology from the expertise of research of lactic acid bacteria and gut microbiota for many years.

We make use of advantage of microorganisms and create products that deliver new value, and promote their use in food waste reduction and recycling.

Providing technologies to improve composting with the power of microbial fermentation

Food waste is valuable resource that can be reused in feed, fertilizer and other products and also used as a source of energy to generate heat and electricity. In Japan, initiatives of food recycling for recycle-based society and low-carbon society are being promoted by the country's Food Recycling Law.

"Thervelics" is a composting promoter that blended the Bacillus subtilis C-3102. It improves composting process by reducing amount of cyclical food resources with the use of microbial fermentation and develops biological compost which benefits crop growth.

We work towards building a circular economy and engage proactively in food recycling through use of "Thervelics". We turn the power of microorganisms into reducing the amount of food waste and environmental impact, and promoting circular agriculture with biological compost.