Poultry Swine

Support the health of chickens with the power of Lactic acid bacteria!

  • “Finelact” is a quick acting microbial based product which helps early colonization and rebalance the microbiota in the intestinal tract for a healthier gut.
  • “Finelact” contains a species of naturally occurring Lactobacillus reuteri which was harvested from the intestinal tract of each type of animal species.


Product Type   Available Area

Finelact® S for Chick

For the initial period within a week after hatch USA, Japan, Thailand

Finelact® for Poultry

For heat stress, after vaccination, when transporting and relocating, etc USA, Japan, Thailand

Finelact® for Molting Chicken

For use when molting Japan

Finelact® for Piglet

It is recommended for use as soon as possible after birth

Finelact® for Pig

For use when relocating the piggery, weaning, changing the feed, etc

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