Feed blended with lactic acid bacteria


Support the health of chickens with the power of Lactic acid bacteria!

Poultry Swine


For use after induced molting when disease resistance is substantially lower.

Stress from induced molting greatly unbalances a chicken’s intestinal environment.
If measures are not taken, it becomes difficult for healthy gut microbiota to recover and can tend to result in a state in which the percentage of helpful bacteria is low and the condition causes a negative impact on chicken productivity. Forming healthy gut microbiota with a preponderance of lactic acid bacteria, which is a helpful bacteria, allows the chickens to grow healthily and can be expected to raise productivity. It also supports stable intestinal health.

Product characteristics

High active concentration of Lactobacillus reuteri bacteria from healthy chickens

Finelact for molting has a high concentration of two types of lactic acid bacteria, including our proprietary strain of Lactobacillus reuteri selected from healthy chickens. In addition, oligosaccharide supports propagation and colonization of beneficial helpful bacteria.

Can be used with egg-laying chickens.

For use when molting for a pause in egg production.

ファインラクトLactic acid bacteria (L. reuteri)