Feed blended with lactic acid bacteria

Poultry Swine

Finelact® for Piglet

Administration in the initial period immediately after birth is important to piglet growth and their development into good adult pigs.

The first condition for raising good pigs is successful weaning. Piglets can be raised healthily by forming healthy intestinal flora (overwhelming preponderance of lactic acid bacteria and Lactobacillus bifidus).

Product characteristics

High active concentration of L. reuteri bacteria from healthy piglets.

Finelact for piglets has a high concentration of lactic acid bacteria and Lactobacillus bifidus, including our proprietary L. reuteri selected from healthy piglets.

Can be used with piglets immediately after birth.

It is recommended for use as soon as possible after birth.

Lactic acid bacteriaLactic acid bacteria (L. reuteri)

Lactobacillus bifidusLactobacillus bifidus

Product overview

Feed type

Feed blended with lactic acid bacteria

Primary ingredients

Dextrin, lactic acid bacteria, Lactobacillus bifidus


1 sack (5 grams) = For one litter of piglets
FP5S: For 50 litters (5 g x 50 sacks in paper carton)
FP5: For 100 litters (5 g x 100 sacks in cardboard box)

Cautions for storage

Before opening: Can be preserved for two years by freezing (-20℃; household freezer can be used)
After opening: Use promptly after opening.

  1. Take from freezer and return to room temperature 15-30 minutes before mixing
  2. Administer by dissolving one sack of Finelact for piglets in 151 ml of purified water in a clean container and using the accompanying pump.
  3. Administer at least 1 ml of Finelact for piglets per pig. (Pressing the accompanying pump one second administers approx. 1 ml).
Cautions for administration
  • Cautions for administration
  • When opened still frozen, the product may quickly absorb moisture from condensation and solidify.
  • The mixing container should be adequately cleaned in advance to avoid any impact from residue.
  • When mixing, sprinkle in Finelact for piglets a little at a time while stirring the water adequately.
  • When adding outdoors, take adequate precautions to prevent the water temperature from rising due to direct sunlight.
  • After mixing, use promptly. If frozen for storage after mixing, the bacteria will die.
  • When the lactic acid bacteria in Finelact for piglets is exposed to the air, it will begin to die, so open the bag immediately prior to mixing.